Our Story

Lucky Lamz Tattoo is committed to providing the best service. We are bringing tattoos to life. Lucky Lamz Tattoo is the first tattoo studio in Indonesia to be approved by the Soundwave tattoos™. Lucky lamz Tattoo has been serving a lot of foreign clients and the local clients and is popular among the people in Indonesia where by many people appreciate Lucky Lamz's different styles of tattooing.

Lucky Lamz tattoo is specialized in creating custom designs,

we have thousands of tattoo designs available which is a copyright and non copy right designs.

We provide a system of a preview tattoo for all the Customers before they gets a real tattoo.

Hygiene:Our tattoo studio in Mangga Dua Square has combined a relaxed, friendly atmosphere with a safe and sterile environment.

All tattoo equipment is cleaned and sterilized using ultra-sonic.

Along with sterilization our clients receives a new and sterile needles,

new ink in individual ink caps and cross contamination prevention material

(barrier film, poly backs, clip cords sleeves, wash bottle covers, germicidal cleaners, etc..). All are disposed off properly after each use.


  • 24 / 7 full air conditioned room with a big lobby.
  • Free WiFi.
  • Music ( all kinds of Genres available )
  • 8 unit HD CCTV cameras surrounded for safety purpose.
  • Free Counselling private and public.

Easy access and spacious parking area.

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